Not all bedrooms are big enough to accommodate a wardrobe with built-in storage. To avoid problems, purchase a wardrobe with shelves that are easy to assemble. Some options even come with detachable hanging rails. Small handbags should be kept in dust bags. Another good option is to buy an expensive designer wardrobe with detachable hanging rails. Regardless of the size of your wardrobe, choosing one with built-in storage will allow you to maximize your space while maintaining a stylish look.

Choose from the different styles of wardrobes with shelves. Double wardrobes with shelves are an excellent choice if you want additional closet space. Some models come with hanging bars, while others have four shelves. You can even find one that can double as a nightstand. Regardless of what style you prefer, be sure to choose durable materials. Double-door wardrobes with shelves usually come with brushed-silver handles. Make sure to consider the material and finish before buying.

Although the quality of wood and metal can differ, both materials are durable. Wood and metal can both hold heavy loads and are a better option for clothing storage. Solid-wood and metal are more durable, meaning that they will last longer. While these options will increase your cost, they are also easier to install. Wooden wardrobes can be installed for a similar price as replacing bathroom furniture or buying new. However, wood wardrobe shelves can add a lot to the value of your home.

Rustic-style armoire wardrobes are a great choice. Their rustic wood grain pattern and Shaker-inspired design will accent any bedroom. This wardrobe features two adjustable shelves, a large closet compartment with hanging rod, and beautiful molding on top. The wardrobe doors lock with magnetic locks to protect your clothes. In addition, it can double as a media center. There are plenty of other options when choosing a wardrobe with shelves. If you want a wardrobe with plenty of storage, choose a rustic armoire wardrobe.

Mirrored wardrobes are also a good option if you have a small bedroom. This wardrobe will give you plenty of storage space while featuring a built-in mirror. It also has a manufactured wood frame, two open shelves, and a garment rack compartment on the side. The wardrobe also comes with three hooks on the opposite side for hanging clothing. You can even hang a robe or a sweater on top!